technical writing

I have over 17 years of experience as a Technical Writer in software and hardware. My strength in this type of writing is in the research and development of effective end-user documentation; I am highly adept at learning new applications and translating my knowledge to instructional and informational text designed to convey the how-to and why to the user who has just opened the manual or clicked Help.

I have had hands-on experience with several contemporary content creation software packages including: Arbortext, Framemaker XMetaL, and MS Word. I have created web-ready content using RoboHelp, and hand-coded HTML/CSS solutions.

marketing writing

I have written content for websites, brochures, product white papers, and occasionally e-mail campaigns as well as blog posts.


Online content requires well-written. easy-flowing text, proper punctuation, good word choices, clarity, and concision. Editing helps eliminate common errors such as comma splices, wordiness, and inconsistency. I have experience editing technical manuals, web content, and marketing materials. I can help improve the effectiveness of your documentation, product descriptions, even your weekly blog.

For more information, or to request samples of my written work, please contact me here.