Commercial Photography

Your business–large or small–needs quality images for use in advertising and catalogs. These photos can be taken on-site at your place of business, or products can be delivered for shooting and returned when shooting is complete.

In addition to product photos, quality photos of your business location and services can enhance the appeal of your company in its brochures and on its website.

Contact Robert Pearson Photography for complimentary estimate of what we can do to meet your product photography needs.

Family and Child Portraits

Preserving your memories with high quality photos taken in your choice of location make the memories even better because you are being photographed in a place you know and love. It can be in your home, at your favorite park, or any other location where we have permission to take your shots. I believe in making a family photo shoot an enjoyable experience that will yield happy memories for years to come, with your photos as more than just a snapshot in time, but also a fond reminder of a day you enjoyed.

Please contact Robert Pearson Photography for information on pricing. Starter packages include three full-resolution, print-ready photos sized for 8x10 and 5x7, as well as web-quality photos sized for fast sharing on social media. All photos will be post-processed for colour balance and the removal of unusual skin blemishes.

Personal Profile Portrait

In this, the social-media era, everyone needs a professionally shot, quality business profile portrait. We can come to your business to photograph your entire staff, or come to your home to take your personal profile photo.

Please contact Robert Pearson Photography for information on pricing. Packages come with at least one a full-resolution, print-ready 8x10 as well as a web-quality image ready for use with your corporate website or LinkedIn profile.


We also offer writing services. With many years of English-language business writing in our experience, we cater to providing product description text, software instructions, as well as review and revision of your texts.

For more information, please see Writing & Editing.